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im back!

2015-04-10 18:28:51 by nicomoron01

hey guys, i have been enlightened, i am now taking a degree in programming, it´s still my first year, so i donk know much yet.

however, i will start making a game now, it´ll be on flixel, i will have to start from scratch, but i think i can mange it.

you can reply to me anytime.



2014-02-08 21:46:51 by nicomoron01

i have fixed all my grammatical errors in my account.


BTW: i have not started my new game yet... because i cannot think of any original ideas


quite a following do i have over here... interesting

2014-01-07 16:47:44 by nicomoron01

my computer was broken beyond repair pals

but that doesnt mean you have heard the last of me

i WILL come back. with something good

i didnt started it yet BUT i will do it

i am going to make a second game that may/may not be about that demo

PS: when i said ´´over here`` doesnt mean i make games anywhere else, just here.


that`s all

the zombie game demo

2011-05-20 15:34:46 by nicomoron01

i think that i will dont make the zombie game demo because my computer is broken
and i lost everyting i got there.